Top ten list of garden plants

  • Abutilons of all kinds
  • Buddlejas old and new
  • Epiphytic orchids and ferns
  • Gordonia species
  • Heliotrope, Lemon verbena, Fennel and herbs
  • Michelias of all sorts
  • Perennial Salvias large and small
  • Species Camellias
  • Tea and China Roses
  • Weigela of all types

Montville Rose

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Holidays and Time to redesign some areas

January 2018, our first holiday in 18 months. We travelled to Toowoomba and had a very relaxed and comfortable time. We couldn't resist a couple of plant nurserys and had a great discussion with Penny McKinlay at Pittsworth
The following are waiting to go in with our next rains.
A list of Salvias and perennials is mentioned on a previous blog.
The 'Wisteria Arch; has been stripped on Wisteria to let the lovely and are old Rose AIMEE VIBERT (1828) NOISETTE, continue to climb over this (also to add rose ADÉLAÏDE D'ORLÉANS to this structure)

The North Rose garden will be taken back from Anenome and Salvia elegans, Salvia "hot lips" etc with the red roses below to be added.
After a lovely visit and some discussion we accquired the following from Penny McKinlays nursery at Pittsworth
Penny McKinlays nursery Pittsworth
ADÉLAÏDE D'ORLÉANS Rambling Rose One of the most beautiful rambling roses. Produces great quantities of creamy white, semi-double blooms, which hang elegantly in dainty sprays. Almost evergreen. Very healthy. Ideal for shade Bred by Antoine Jacques in France 1826

KNOCK OUT The bloom cycle produces rich cherry red/hot pink blooms that will continue until the first hard frost. Black spot resistant, drought tolerant and self-cleaning, Bred by William J. Radler, USA, 1999

DOUBLE KNOCK OUT CUTTINGS GROWN This rose is much like the original 'Knock Out', but with a higher petal count (approx. 30-35 petals). The flowers are a very similar shade of glowing cherry red, the disease resistance is just as good
Rosa Double Knock Out
MR LINCOLN CUTTINGS GROWN HYBRID TEA large fragrant deep red DOUBLE blooms flowering at the end of long stems Bred by Swim & Weeks, USA, 1964 this very tall growing rose to 1.8 metres

From The Springs nursery Toowoomba
Lobelia cardinalis - Cardinal Flower ‘Flamingo”
This is a majestic, clump forming perennial. Spikes of scarlet red flowers on stems up to 1.8mts.
Narrow green to bronze-purple leaves make this a year round beauty.Flowers in Summer and Autumn. Height 1m.
 Kyleigh at Newtown Park, her birthday 2018
While in Toowoomba we visited the State Rose garden at Newtown Park as well. Very hot dry weather and we noted the new Heritage Roses in Australia areas.
State Rose garden Toowoomba

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