Top ten list of garden plants

  • Abutilons of all kinds
  • Buddlejas old and new
  • Epiphytic orchids and ferns
  • Gordonia species
  • Heliotrope, Lemon verbena, Fennel and herbs
  • Michelias of all sorts
  • Perennial Salvias large and small
  • Species Camellias
  • Tea and China Roses
  • Weigela of all types

Montville Rose

Monday, April 18, 2016

Plant Inventory at "The Shambles" u[dated April 2016

Plants Collected 2016

Home Run               From Cutting , Shrub Rose, Single Red repeat flowering .    Tom Carruth USA 2001   Front path garden

The RSL Rose syn. 'Garden Director Bartje Miller'. From Cutting. Hybrid Tea double Red , repeat flowering . Meilland France 2008 Front path garden

In the East Border garden a reasonably large area of overgrown Jasmine (Jasminium officinale) was cleared with quite an effort adjacent to a drift of Azaleas, Vireyas and Fuchsia.
New plantings in the East Border gardens are
Azalea (Rhododendron indica) 'Alphonse Anderson'
                                                  Alba Magnifica
                                                  Ann Kehr
Rhododendron vireya                Toff
                                                  Archangel (white)
                                                  Coral Seas
Buddleja davidii                       'Velvet'
Camellia vernalis                     'Star above Star'

New plantings, in an area cleared of weed, Poinsettia in the north end of the central shrub garden. Hibiscus mutabilis and Hibiscus syriacus were liberated
Cuttings grown Roses  'Comtesse de Labarthe'
                                     'Beauty of Glenhurst'
                                    'Ally's Rose'  multiflora hybrid
and cuttings grown  Fuchsia and Rosemary were added.
Also  Dipladenia sanderi  x 2 cultivars (white and pink)

Rosa 'Kardinal"  Multiflora Repeat flowering grafted rose. Kordes, Germany 1989 added to North rose garden 

Goldfussia “Chameleon” - Strobilanthes anisophyllus
An interesting garden plant that will change it's colour randomly through the year from yellow veined leaves, to orange, pink and burgundy and any shades in between. Goldfussia 'Chameleon' can be grown as a low formal hedge or an informal shrub and can display  different colours at the same time topping it off with mauve, bell-shaped flowers in the middle of Winter. 'Chameleon' likes full sun to semi shade' excellent for Sydney and Brisbane climates. Evergreen and hardy with height 1.2 - 1.5 m. Cut back after flowering. Can withstand light frost. Criss Cross garden

Neomarica longifolia syn. Trimezia martinicensis Has yellow Iris type flowers on leaf stems .from Mexico, South America and Martinique. Very tough, pretty and reliable

Tacca chantrieri is an unusual plant in that it has black flowers. These flowers are somewhat bat-shaped, are up to 12 inches across, and have long 'whiskers' . Tacca chantrierei is native to tropical regions of Southeast Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, and southern China: particularly Yunnan Province.[3] They are understory plants, so they prefer shade (at least 60%). They grow best in well-drained soil with good air circulation, but they prefer high humidity, and need a lot of water. Original description of Tacca chantrieri. was in 1901 by F André. Rainforest garden

Morus alba. White Mulberry is a very widespread and important crop for silkworm feed, fruit and timber. The species is native to northern China, and is widely cultivated including in Southern Europe for over a thousand years. It is known as shahatut शहतूत in Hindi,Tuta in Sanskrit, Tuti in Marathi, Dut in Turkish and Toot in Persian in Azerbaijani and in Armenian. North west Corner garden
Text Box: Morus alba         White Mulberry

Davidia involucrata Native to China, handkerchief tree was once considered to be the Holy Grail of exotic flora, and seeds were first sent to England by the legendary botanist Ernest Wilson in 1901. A deciduous tree from China, handkerchief tree is best known for its striking display of floral bracts in late spring. Its small, reddish purple flower heads are surrounded by a pair of large, white bracts up to 30 cm long, which are said to resemble dangling handkerchiefs or doves resting on the branches. The young plants exhibit healthy dark red shoots and take about ten years to flower, after which flowers are produced in most years. China. North west Corner garden

Posoqueria longiflora Needle Flower Tree. Long tubular white flowers with distinctive night time fragrance. Grows to a modest sized tree in tropical areas and will flower throughout the year as long as the light level is high and the temperatures are warm. It has spreading branches and large glossy, deep green leaves. A somewhat slow grower, it forms clusters of blooms on the ends of the newest growth. Once established, it can tolerate varying light conditions and watering. The genus was established by Aublet in 1775 on material from French Guiana. South America  North west Corner garden

Shadow in NorthWest Corner Garden.
3 Large Privets removed and the large Inga edulis removed creating a dramatic well lit area sorrounded by Palms and maturing Australian trees , Black Bean, red Cedar and tamarind.
Plants transplanted or added to this area included 
Knifophia aloides
Reinwardtia indica  (Southern Side)
Bauhinea torulosa (Western side)
Graptophyllum illiciolium (Northern Side)
Clerodendrum bungeii (Corners)
Morus alba (South West Corner)
Davidia involucrata (Southern side)

Lomandra hystrix (Southern side)
Brillantasia (Corners),   
Anenome hupehensis (Central stone bed)
Angelonia,  various annual seeds
Trees hung with off Dendrobium orchids. 

Posoquera longifolia (Eastern Side). Much more to follow
Michael Simpson

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Montville Open garden "Wongawilli" 14th 15th May 2016

We are assisting Rowena Cavanagh to open her garden and would highly recommend a visit .
"Wongawilli"  beautiful Montville Garden opens for the first time to raise money for the Fijian villages of Ovalau in the wake of Cyclone Winston (February16).

19 Manley Drive, Montville.
14th &15th May   from 9.30 am -4.00pm
Entry is $6.00, children free
All money raised will go directly to this area to purchase building materials in order for people to start again.
 Levuka in the wake of Cyclone Oswald
Levuka in the wake of Cyclone Oswald
This garden is now close to maturity since its beginning 16 years’ ago when it was a steep slope covered in lantana. It is inspirational to see the photos taken at  the beginning and compare them with how it is today  with it’s well constructed terraces . A generous mix of sub-tropical and temperate plants gives it year round colour and interest.
 "Wongawilli" Pool garden
"Wongawilli" Courtyard garden
Rowena is the owner and creator of the garden and felt drawn to help the Fijians after the Cyclone as she has travelled and lived in Levuka on  the Island of Ovalau over several years.
You are welcome to come to the Open garden to help support this cause and ,of course, get loads of garden ideas.